HOME and FAMILY ~where it all begins…

Hello friends! First off I want to say that for me, home and family is where it all begins. And here is where you’ll find everything relating to just that!

Welcome Home Friends!

My name is Jeff Nason and my wife, Tami, and I have been married for 13 years, have 3 children and one crazy Boston Terrier! Our oldest is about to be 22 and our youngest just turned 12. You could say we have a bit of a full house!

Parenting and Mom Life (And Dad Life Too Of Course!)

Because of them we have a lot of parenting experience under our belts!

Somedays it seems like we feel we’ve been parents for a hundred years.

But even more than that, there are days I get choked up when I think about how fast they have grown up around me (insert a little dad tear here).

Home And Family

Our life centers around our home and family.

Therefore we will definitely be giving some of our best tips and suggestions such as some of our favorite kid products, mom products, parenting advice and good old “mom hacks!”

For example~ enjoy this free printable!

Our Family Obsessions

In addition to my family, I have a few major obsessions. For example, my love for the New England Patriots everything fitness.

My “mini man blog” titled “WHEN WATCHING THE PATRIOTS” is where I get to relay to you my very real obsession.

And I suggest you try my favorite workout ever just because it worked so well: How I Lost 34 Pounds In 90 Days just By Listening To My Wife.

My wife is obsessed with our kids and home decor. I swear she redecorates something every day. I say this because I can never find anything because it’s constantly getting moved!

Tami says she’s not the one moving it, that I am and that I need to think more like a woman in order to find it. I say to her, Can’t you just tell me where it is right now?” I’m sure you know the drill….

Both my wife and I will do anything for our children. But my wife takes this to the extreme. She always says she’d rather have kind, confident, prepared and spoiled children than have kids running all over town feeling unsupported, unloved and untaken care of. I gotta agree!

My Family Has My Heart

Most importantly though, is my love for my home and family. I know it has certainly shaped me into the man I am today.

Suggestions By Nason

Just in case you couldn’t already tell, we are new to the blogging world. “Suggestions By Nason” was just launched a couple months ago!

Since we are just starting out with this blog I should warn you that we started out clueless and at this point we are still, well….. clueless!

On the other hand, we feel good about what we’ve conquered so far! But while we are almost there, we still have a lot to learn!

So please be patient and bear with us as we figure out how to navigate this blog that is inspired by


Family Home Decor

One thing my wife convinced me to do is let her write some home décor posts too. “Best Of The Best Fixer Upper Kitchens” has been a hit and our “Pretty In Pink Girls’ Bedrooms” has also been well received! Thanks to all who made that possible!

suggestions by nason
suggestions by nason

Please Tell Us About YOU!

Finally, we encourage you to email and comment. We are always open for constructive criticism.

And who doesn’t love a good idea or two? So we’d love for you to share your suggestions with us the same way we are trying to share our “SUGGESTIONS” with you!

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it's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up



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