12 Different Kinds Of Gifts For 12 Different Kinds Of Dads

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This is 12 different kinds of gifts for 12 different kinds of dads! There are so many different kinds of fathers so there should of course be different kinds of gifts to go along with their interests and personality.

Here I’ve compiled 12 different kinds of gifts for 12 different kinds of dads and I hope you will find some inspiration for gifts for all the fathers in your life!

1. The Outdoorsman/Adventurer Dad

The outdoorsman dad is the father that loves to go camping, fishing and go on hikes. He loves carrying his little ones around in a big rucksack on his back. And he’ll get up at the crack of dawn to go fishing any day of the week. So how about getting him a new fishing pole or perhaps some bait worms. A new rucksack or a walking stick would be appreciated. And there are endless amounts of camping gear and khaki pants for gifts for dad.

father| dad gifts
father| dad gifts
solar charger
father| dad gifts
6 person tent
father| dad gifts
portable hammock

2. The Fun Dad

The fun dad is just that. He has fun at everything he does. He loves taking the kids to amusement parks and riding all the roller coasters with his kids. He’s the daredevil that talks about taking his kids skydiving someday. This is the dad all the neighborhood kids always seem to circle around. He would love a bike to be able to ride along with his kids, however he’d also be happy with a slip n slide or a new set of golf clubs.

father| dad gifts
huge waterslide
father| dad gifts
dual slip and slide
father| dad gifts
Calloway golf clubs
father| dad gifts
Chargers golf headcovers

3. The Sensitive Dad

The Sensitive Dad- 12 Different kinds Of Gifts For 12 Different Kinds Of Dads| father
Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

I love this dad. He is wonderful at braiding his daughter’s hair. He volunteers to coach every sports team his kids play on just so he can spend more time with them. The dad that is always trying to see the best in everyone and teaches his children to do the same. This dad loves making memories with his family. So how about a polaroid camera or some framed pictures of the kids.

father| dad gifts
dad flag shirt
father| dad gifts
dad bracelet
father| dad gifts
polaroid camera
father| dad gifts

4. The Sports Fanatic Dad

Who doesn’t know this dad? Tailgating is his middle name. He sometimes has three televisions going with three different games on. He wears team jerseys, he loves his wings and his chips and dips. And let’s be honest, these dads usually love their beer too. (Which would be a great gift from mom by the way). A perfect gift for this dad is tickets to a sporting event or any form of fan gear from his favorite team.

father| dad gifts
Craft Beer Club
father| dad gifts
MLB Armed Forces C

12 Different Kinds Of Gifts For 12 Different Kinds Of Dads

5. The Master Griller/Chef Dad

You can smell this dad’s amazing food from a block away. He has the grill going year round. He checks Pinterest for new recipes. And he can throw together a meal in twenty minutes with barely anything in the frig. This is the guy who makes appetizers for all the kids and their friends and a four course meal for his lady on Valentine’s day. So it’s no surprise that this kind of dad would be over the moon to receive any type of cooking utensil or something cheeky like a platter saying world’s best dad. And what dad, chef or not, wouldn’t love a new grill at this time of the year?

father| dad gifts
grill apron
ninja blender
Nutri Ninja

Have you found any great ideas so far? Keep reading for more of “12 Different Kids Of Gifts For 12 Different Kinds Of Dads”.

6. The Tech Geek Dad

Do you know a dad that always seems to have the latest tech gadgets? He doesn’t have to read the directions or call customer service to hook up the new smart tv. He loves to equip the house with all the trending devices and can explain what every one of them does, in detail! For thirty straight minutes! (Can you tell I know what I’m talking about?) Get this guy something that needs a power charger and you’ll have one happy dad!

Fire HD Tablet
Echo Smart Speaker
Fire Stick
Apple watch

7. The Hippie Dad

The hippie dad is great because he is always in a good mood. Nothing ever seems to bother him. He loves to reminisce about the old days when things were so much simpler. He lets the kids be creative and make messes. A perfect day for him would just be hanging out in the backyard with his family, listening to music, dancing, playing games and just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. And he probably wears flip flops and runs his hands through his hair often too! So maybe get him some new flip flops! This is the dad that would appreciate a playlist that was made especially for him. Or get him an iTunes gift card and let him make his own playlist.

vintage snow cone maker
snow cone machine
party lights
Disco stage lights
hippie shirt
giant yard pong game
yard pong

12 Different Kinds Of Gifts For 12 Different Kinds Of Dads

8. The Trendy Dad

The trendy dad is always up to date with everything. He wears the latest styles and knows what is currently popular with the kids as well. He usually takes pretty good care of himself and keeps himself pulled together. The trendy dad always seems to be up on the latest and greatest when you can barely even keep up with yesterday! If he’s sporty he’ll love brands like Nike and Under Armour. If he’s more buttoned up perhaps a nice shirt (yes dads sometimes actually like getting shirts and ties for fathers day).

father| dad gifts

men’s Under Armour sneakers
men's under armour polo shirt
Under Armour polo
father| dad gifts

Bluetooth headphones

9. The Comedian Dad

I know this dad very well. I have this dad. He’s always making people laugh. He’s the life of the party and everyone likes to hang out with him. This kind of dad is very social and likes to have a good time. He also likes to tease his kids and their friends and get them going. And he seems to get himself into trouble at times. He tends to put his foot in his mouth and drive his wife crazy! There is no wrong present for this father. Because no matter what you give him he is going to have a good time with it!

10. The Handyman/Mechanic Dad

The handyman can fix EVERYTHING. He has hundreds of tools and loves to help others solve their problems and fix their sinks. He’s the typical “Mr. Fix-it”. And he’s a great guy to have around in an emergency. He’s a quick thinker and very resourceful even if at times he seems a little laid back. The handyman always has a project going on at home and it’s usually only half finished when he moves onto the next project. Guess what is a great gift for a handyman? You guessed it! Tools!

father| dad gifts
dad keychain
laser tape measure
father| dad gifts
magnetic wristband

11. The Hunter Dad

The dad who is a hunter is usually very rugged and easy going. He has to be if he’s going to sit alone in the woods for three hours, at four o’clock in the morning waiting for sometimes something that never even shows up. He has all the camouflage hunting apparel along with some very, very bright orange hats and vests. This dad has a big metal gun cabinet packed full of guns and ammo. And it’s a pretty safe bet to say that he has some kind of wild animal stuffed and hanging over the fireplace. I know someone who has two giant moose heads that hang in his living room. Those things are beasts! Get this dad something about wild animals or camo and he’ll be in “moose heaven!”

father| dad gifts
emergency paracord
father| dad gifts
game camera
father| dad gifts
hunting binoculars

12. The Super Dad

The super dad is that dad who can do anything. He spoils his wife and is always there for his kids. He works 12 hour days, then coaches the kids sports teams and looks great doing it. In addition, he gathers his family for a homemade dinner every night. A dinner that he made by the way. Then he helps the kids with their homework, plays ball with them in the yard and reads them bedtime stories. Because he has 10 arms and super human powers. This guy seems to be able to do it all. Because he really does do it all! So what’s a present he would love to receive? A hug! Because this dad already feels like he has it all!

fitness tracker
steel tumbler

There you have it, 12 different kinds of gifts for 12 different kinds of dads. A one stop shop for all the amazing dads in your life on Father’s Day!


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12 different kinds of gifts for 12 different kinds of dads


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