90 Day Challenge~ the menu

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90 day challenge~ the menu

This is the diet plan for the 90 day challenge~ the menu. I followed it for 90 straight days.


WEEK ONE~ day 1,3,5

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs*, 1 banana, a Shake*, if you must have coffee then drink it black (hey if I can do it so can you, I’m the original “gotta have coffee every day guy”)

Snack: peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, 16oz Water

Lunch: Salad w/ lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, turkey*, cheese* and croutons (yes you can eat these) but the kicker- NO dressing! Instead use Salad Supreme Seasoning*, 16oz Water

Dinner: salmon/haddock or boneless chicken mixed with either brown/white rice or a steamed vegetable (this was our splurge- fresh broccoli crowns and boneless chicken) milk or water to drink

Snack: either a cup of ice cream or a cup of microwave popcorn (yes you read that right~ but portion control that snack) at this point you probably did your workout and had 2 more bottles of water, so now drink another 16oz Water and you’re good to go until tomorrow.

WEEK ONE~ day 2,4,6

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs* , a Shake* w/ fresh blueberries (just a little handful)

Snack: peanut butter crackers, 16oz Water

Lunch: Roasted turkey from the deli on wheat bread/roll w/ white American cheese, w/ lettuce and tomato (NO spreads for this, no mustard, no mayo ect), 4 clementines*, protein bar*, 16oz Water

Dinner: Pasta*, salad w/ lettuce, cucumbers, onions and croutons, NO dressing! milk or water to drink

Snack: greek yogurt, w/ fresh blueberries, again you probably did your workout by this point and had water but drink one more bottle before bed.

WEEK ONE~ day 7

Breakfast: NO HARDBOILED EGGS!!!! Shake* w/ a full banana

Snack: protein bar (sometimes two, I started this diet at 41 yrs old, 205 lbs and I’m 5’9″- I tend to get hungry mid morning) 16oz Water

Lunch: Woohoo! I love day 7 of the week (Fridays for me) I get a 6 inch turkey Italian from Subway (just don’t let them put oil or spreads on it) If you have Salad Supreme handy then sprinkle on some of that, 16oz Water

Dinner: Some meat ON THE GRILL* (I advise you not to grab a beer while you grill, not a good idea), add some fresh vegetable on the grill (zucchini, summer squash, corn, asparagus, as long as its grilled w/ NO butter!) Use Salad Supreme here instead! milk or water to drink

Snack: popcorn or peanut butter crackers, you didn’t have to work out today so really make sure you still have a full bottle of water before bed!