How I lost 34 Pounds In 90 Days Just By Listening To My Wife

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So I’m sure you’re wondering how I lost 34 pounds in 90 days just by listening to my wife.

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how i lost 34 pounds in 90 days just by listening to my wife

The Dad Bod

Well, I’m the kind of guy that is very content with my “dad bod”.

I don’t worry about having to keep my shirt on at the beach and I’m definitely feeling that I look better than some of those other dads I see everywhere.

However, it turns out this is pretty much the consensus of all those other dads too that I am always sizing up.

Now if you were to ask my wife what she thinks of my “dad bod”, her answer would go something like this: “I think you look really good, especially compared to some of those other dads.”

How My Wife Reacted

That’s when I start to smile and think I have the best, most supportive wife that loves me just the way I am. And then she finishes her answer.

“But if you want to loose a few pounds I can give you a couple workout tips…..”

But wait a second! She just said I look PERFECT, didn’t she? Because that’s what I heard. She said nothing about workouts, right?

So this time I decided to skip the whole “you look good just the way you are” conversation and go straight to the part about the workout tips.

And guess what?

My wife actually seems to know what she’s talking about! And she’s known all this for quite sometime.

Imagine that, a wife that knows stuff!

My wife says that all I have to do is listen to her every day for 90 days and I’ll be rocking some semi rock hard abs and a “cute butt” as she refers to it.

I feel like maybe this won’t be so bad, but then realize yes it could actually be really bad.

The Bet

So I turned to her and said her favorite phrase: “How about we make a deal?”

She laughed and said, “Okay, what do you want?”

Now I like to think that every now and then I come up with some good stuff. And this time I knew I had something so great, so I proudly sucked in my not even semi-hard, semi-hard abs and blurted out,

Women lifting weight over head_ How I Lost 34 Pounds In 90 Days Just By Listening To My Wife

Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

My Bet

“I’ll do everything you say for 90 days, but if you lose then you can no longer nag me about drinking too much beer.”

My Wife’s Bet

And so then she said, “Fine, and if I win then you have to give up beer for good.”

I immediately start thinking about all the BBQs I plan to have with a beer in my hand at the grill. Because I know I’m going to win, I never lose!

Sounds really smart right? Wrong! And here’s the reason why I am not as smart as I thought I was……..

Day One

On day one of our 90 day challenge as I like to call it, my wife announced that for the next 90 days I could only eat the food that she either made for me or approved for me.

In addition I had to do whatever exercise she said I had to do on any day she said I had to do it.

Oh ya, and I wasn’t allowed to drink beer.

That’s when I first started to think I wasn’t so smart after all. Because I should have known better than to forget to negotiate a beer clause before we started this challenge.

What my wife did was amazing!

This beautiful wife of mine made me 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, every day for 90 days, without fail!

And she made me a chart listing off all the exercises I need to do for every day of the week.

Most importantly, she got me this book where I could write down everything. What I ate and what I did for a workout that day.

As a result, I was even more motivated because it was a way to see if all my effort was working. So to see it all in print was really cool.

And it really helped me hold myself accountable. The key though was to be 100% truthful about what I was putting into my body.

This is the exact FIT BOOK that I used for my 90 days. This is also the bundle my wife bought because she gave one to my son for his workouts and then the last 2 went to family members as gifts!

My wife actually made me skinny….

I lost 34 pounds! She made me skinny and energetic! Her diet and work out plan made me lose 34 pounds in 90 days!

So now instead of the guys at work saying, “Hey big guy”, they’re now saying, “Whoa, we’re did ya go?”

And one of the best parts is that they all notice my butt! You know you got a nice butt when the guys at work tell you you’re on fire!

So now that I’m big and small in all the right places, could life get any better?

Apparently not because now comes the part where I realized how dumb I really am.

The Results

During the negotiations I said that if my wife loses then she can’t get on me for drinking too much.

Well, in theory that sounded like the best laid plan. It would allow me to have a beer whenever I want, because I was that confident that I’d win.

I wanted her to lose so she quit nagging me about beer.

I was so proud of myself for coming up with a fool proof plan to benefit myself that I didn’t realize what my wife was actually saying.

The whole point was that my wife said she knew how to make me lose weight. Well I lost 34 pounds in 90 days, so I won. Now she can’t nag at me when I have a beer.

But to clarify, the challenge was about her proving she could get me to lose weight. Which I did, so she won too.

So to sum it up, here is where we’re at:

Since I won the challenge, my wife isn’t allowed to nag me whenever I drink beer. But since my wife also won, I’m no longer allowed to drink beer.

See, I told you I was a dumbass.

In Conclusion

You can see my diet menu here . In addition to my menu, you can see my workout plan here. I’m adding my diet and workout plan so all the men, and women too, can have access to the same kickass plan that I had.

But I have to say that the part that made all this work was probably that I had someone to help hold me accountable.

My wife certainly did the hard part. All I had to do was follow her instructions. It was kind of like having a personal trainer.

My Advice

My advice to you is if you’re looking to shed some pounds, find a partner in crime.

And don’t forget to make a bet to further your motivation. But make a smart bet though. Not like the idiotic bet I made!

Once you commit I’d really love to hear about the negotiations process and how your diet went. So make sure to comment and let me know how you did!

I truly hope this post motivates you to live your healthiest life. It can be a hard process but if you stick with it then you too will be able to say, “How I Lost 34 Pounds In 90 Days Just By Listening To My Wife” (or husband of course!).

Thanks for visiting!

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