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Are you raising a tomboy? Do you even know what a tomboy is?

A tomboy is defined as a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a boy.

But which characteristics are those? Because I think there is a lot more to labeling and raising a tomboy these days, than say five or ten years ago.

Years ago it was pretty black and white when it came to why a girl was called a tomboy.

For instance, a tomboy would be the girl rolling down the hills, flipping backwards off a dock and playing tag at recess right along with all the boys.

In addition to that she’d be playing T-Ball and basketball and soccer.

She never wore a dress. And if she found out a boy had a crush on her, she’d sock him in the nose.

Raising A Tomboy In The Past

Being a tomboy in the past it wasn’t as acceptable as it is today.

Because it was a girl who looked different from the other girls. She also acted differently and hung out with the boys.

Of course that was intimidating to both boys and the other girls..

And people always seem to be afraid of what they don’t understand.

I have a son and two daughters. And I’ve always said my son couldn’t be anymore boy if he tried.

So I understand the rough and tumble behavior that is said to be typical of a boy.

If I added up all the times I had to take my now 21 year old son to the emergency room, I’m thinking it would be close to twenty times at least!

On the other hand are my two daughters

Both of my daughters are completely opposite of each other.

My older daughter loves dressing up, wearing make up, cheerleading and talking about cute boys.

My younger daughter doesn’t even own a dress! But she does have a lacrosse stick, a field hockey stick and twenty different basketballs.

Should I be trying to steer her more towards make up and high heels? Will she be well rounded enough if she never wears make up and heels at all?

My daughter may not own any skirts or high heels, but she does own twenty different pairs of sneakers.

She could care less if a boy has a crush on her because she is simply not interested in dating yet. She’d rather play basketball with the boys instead of date them. I’m pretty sure I’m raising a tomboy.

And as her dad I have to say I don’t mind that at all!

Teaching Girls To Be Strong

These days more and more girls are being taught to be strong and assertive.

There is no specific way to behave or carry oneself to be considered an acceptable young lady anymore.

Girls are taking on roles that used to be completely dominated by males.

For instance, football. We live in a small town in Maine and we’ve seen a handful of girls join the football team.

And I have to say, these girls were a lot better than some of those boys!

Are Tomboys Better Leaders?

Girls need to be taught the importance of being true to themselves above all else.

Girls need to be raised to be leaders and not followers. But can a tomboy be a leader?

They need to learn to stand up for themselves and be assertive. But can a tomboy be a boss?

The answer to both those questions are YES!

A tomboy can absolutely be a boss, a leader or even the President of The United States.

A girl can grow up to be a stay at home mom or a corporate CEO or a race car driver.

And girls should be encouraged to go after that if that’s what they want to be. Regardless of whether it’s considered to be a man’s job or not.

What Is A Modern Day Tomboy?

A tomboy is simply a girl that loves to be active and have fun. They want to be able to throw on some jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball hat and go watch a baseball game.

But sometimes they may want to wear that same baseball hat but go get their nails done and buy some new clothes.

Almost every tomboy I’ve ever known was confident in themselves to be able to do a variety a of things.

I think being able to wear different hats is what a tomboy is all about. They do a little bit of everything and feel confident doing it.

How Does A Modern Tomboy behave?

A tomboy today is strong, confident, outgoing and fearless. She doesn’t shy away from challenges. She dominates at sports and is into fitness and being physically fit.

Her confidence, talent and drive is what makes her beautiful. Just because a girl doesn’t dress in pink everyday doesn’t mean she isn’t worthy of being a girl.

Long ago, moms and dads would try to convince their daughters to act more like a lady.

But today, moms and dads are raising their daughters to be strong women. Not necessarily feminine or masculine.

Don’t Put A Label On A Child

It’s important for parents to look at their daughter and not label her a tomboy just because she likes sports.

Or label her a princess because she wears a lot of pink dresses.

When you put a label on someone it subconsciously puts limits on them.

It makes them feel that they are expected to perform a certain way because of that label.

So How Do You Respond To A Label?

You simply offer up your support.

The most important thing to teach our girls is that they are strong enough to do anything and be anything. They need to show others that they shouldn’t be judged by their appearance.

I’m very proud of my daughter for being true to herself. She’s confident enough to just be herself no matter what she is wearing or what she is doing.

Such as diving onto the basketball court floor to chase after a runaway ball. Or when you watch her play lacrosse and it makes you think to yourself, “this girl needs a helmet!”

Most importantly, being a tomboy isn’t a negative thing at all.

Your daughter should feel proud of herself for being as strong and unique as she is. And for going after what she wants and performing to her fullest potential.

Above all, be sure to let your daughter know how amazing she is no matter what she’s doing.

And that no matter what she does in the future she can always count on your love and support.


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