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Summer “Water” Chores

Let’s talk about summer “water” chores.

Do you have little ones at home? Are you looking for some fun ways to add organization to those hot summer days and all those hot summer chores?

When my kids were young I was constantly struggling to find things for them to do over the summer.

But between the beach sand, the wet bathing suits and the endless sticky drips from all the popsicles, I never had time to do any household chores.

How Do You Keep Your Sanity?

So I came up with ways to mix chores with fun and keep everyone happy….and sane!

Kids at almost any age can help around the house. I started my kids on chores when they were 18 months old. I taught them to put their toys in the toybox.

Kids Need To Have Fun

However by the time they were three they stopped thinking that was fun. What was fun to them was pulling the toys out of the toybox the second I put them in!

During the summer months keeping up with chores is even harder. If you don’t want to do chores over the summer what makes you think your children will want to!

Little girl at the beach- Summer "Water" Chores
Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

So Make Fun Chores

It’s important to incorporate some fun into the work. So why not use it as an opportunity to multitask.

For example, a two year old can hold a hose and wet down the deck while you are applying sunblock to your other child.

In addition to that, a three year old can use a squirtgun to water the plants in the house while you make dinner.

Just Add Water

Summer “water” chores work for all ages.Just add water to any summer chore and you won’t hear any whining….usually!

Little boy splashing in a blue bucket tub- Summer "Water" Chores
Photo by Lubomirkin on Unsplash

Let Kids Be Kids

Why not just let kids be kids sometimes. Let them express themselves and you will get a lot better outcome. And with the water chores they will cool themselves off while they do it.

Therefore unless they are flooding the house, don’t worry about the mess. It’s just water and it will dry!

Here are a few ideas for a “Summer Water Chore Chart” along with a free printable for your convenience.

Summer Water Chores

  1. Hose Down The Deck Or Patio Walking on hot cement or a hot deck in the summer can be brutal on our little one’s toes. But that’s nothing that a little water from the hose can’t fix. Let your child hold the hose and water down the deck or the driveway while you apply sunblock to your other children. After a child gets their sunblock on its their time to hold the hose. All they have to do is turn on the faucet and point the hose. And who cares if everything gets wet! It’s summer time fun right? While the last child is having a turn it’s a great time to apply your own sunblock! Because your skin matters too!

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2. Water All The Indoor And Outdoor Plants And Flowers Children will love using squirt guns as well as watering cans just their size. They may fight over who gets to use the hose first but there are ways around it. I used to fill up a little plastic pool for my kids to scoop water out of and they would hold their squirt guns under the water until the bubbles stopped. (Another cute game in itself.) My kids would fill their squirt guns twenty times to make sure all the leaves got wet. The sprinkler was always fun for my kids also. They loved whenever I announced that it was time to water the grass. To them that meant running under the sprinkler.

squirt gun- summer water chores
Super Blaster Watergun
Dual Arcade Shooter Inflatable
squirt gun- summer water chores
ibase Super Soaker

3. Refill Ice Cube Trays Believe it or not refilling the ice cube trays was a very popular chore in my house! Which was great because it was one of those little jobs I always avoided. I would have six empty trays on the counter by the end of every day until I thought of having the kids takeover. (I was a slow mommy learner at times!) Fast forward ten years and my kids won’t even close the freezer door after grabbing ice nevermind refill the trays they empty.

So when your kids grow up do yourself a favor and get a portable Ice maker machine for the counter like I did! The thing is a beast!

4. Make Homemade Popsicles Make homemade popsicles every night before the kiddos go to bed and they will be ready when they wake up. This is how I got my picky eater to get her daily fruit. We got the plastic popsicle molds from the store and the kids filled them every night. You just pour half with water or yogurt and half with chopped fruit then freeze. Yogurt freezes up just like regular freeze pops and is very tasty.

By the way, there is a version that works great for those special “mommy only” popsicles!

5. Wash The Bathtub In Bathing Suits With Bubbles

How much fun would you have had as a little kid getting to have a soapy splash fest in the bathtub! Put your kids in their bathing suits and put them in there together with bubble bath or dish soap. The kids moving all around and standing up to get the walls gets it all clean. A quick rinse with the shower head when they’re done and you have yourself a clean tub! Fun times!

Asian boy under the sprinkler- Summer "Water" Chores
Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

6. Refresh Your Pet’s Water Bowls Pets need extra water in the hot months. Keeping your pet’s water bowl refreshed is an easy way to teach children the responsibilities of owning a pet and doing something that helps you out at the same time. My kids always grabbed tiny ice cubes from the freezer to drop into their bowls too. A nice little way to distract the pets when they’re under your feet!

7. Wash The Cars In Bathing Suits Who doesn’t want help washing the car? I have three kids so each kid got their own side. Each side had its own big bucket of soapy water with three different color sponges. That way each kid got their own color. And that way no one was trying to move the buckets around tipping them over. Each bucket they went to had a sponge of their color. Whenever the timer went off the kids would just rotate sides. And that also meant each kid got to hose off a side also. They would wear their bathing suits and get drenched. Perfect for a hot summer day!

Asian boy running through sprinkler- Summer "Water" Chores
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

8. Rinse Off All The Toys Under The Sprinkler Everyone knows that at the end of a beach day there is sand everywhere. Let it be the kid’s job to rinse things out. Running with the buckets under the sprinkler gets the sand off the buckets and the kids while you are getting all the sand out of your car. Two in one shot!

9. Hang Up Wet Towels And Clothing Teaching kids early on to hang up wet clothes and towels can only set the tone for less smelly and moldy clothes later on. Have the kids throw wet stuff over a railing or short fence. They can also lay them flat on the ground and then flip them over 15 minutes later.

It’s so easy to add water to anything in the summer to make things more manageable in the heat. Try some summer “water” chores and see if that makes a difference for the kiddos!

And be sure to let them spray you with the hose once in a while. That always brings the best giggles!

Kids and moms alike love a chore chart! Feel free to click below and print my Summer “Water” Chores chart.

free printable
Chore Chart Printable


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