Trendy Red & Black Buffalo Check For Christmas

You are reading Trendy Red & Black Buffalo Check For Christmas! This is a holiday gift guide for everything red and black plaid!

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You are reading red and black Buffalo Check Christmas products!

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What is the latest trend in decor this season? You guessed it, Buffalo Check!

I love both read and black Buffalo Check and black and white Buffalo Check. I use both patterns in my home.

Last Christmas (2018) I used it on one of my Christmas trees and I fell in love with it! So this year I am all about the Buffalo Check!

And don’t forget the everyday décor products. I have the best black and white Buffalo Check dog bed (it matches the colors of our black and white Boston Terrier!).

Every Christmas I get my whole family matching Christmas pajamas. I give them to everyone on Christmas Eve and they wear them to bed that night and then again in the morning to open presents from Santa!

This year I am going for the read and black Buffalo Checks of course! I personally can’t wait to get into my one piece with the little hood! (it will allow me to wear my hood on Christmas morning to hide my bed head!!!)

My husband and I have matching L.L. Bean flannel shirts and these L.L. Bean shirts that zipper up remind me of them. Super cozy, super warm and totally worth the price! I love, love, love my L.L. Bean!

What’s more perfect for a children’s Christmas outfit than read and black Buffalo Check. Especially if you can get matching outfits for the little kiddos!

Try using it in small ways if the pattern seems to busy for you. Use it in wrapping paper and ribbons. Perhaps use it in a few ornaments on your tree or a great runner on your table.

Target is another store I can’t get enough of. It’s my go-to whenever I need to grab Christmas or birthday presents. A lot of the products on this list are from Target. That means great products at great prices!

Although a Buffalo Check can be any combination of colors, red and black is my favorite combo.

You can’t go wrong with Buffalo Check no matter what your home decor theme is. It’s also very trendy to wear Buffalo Checks such as items like flannel shirts, hats or scarves.

Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Tree Skirt
Reindeer Pillow
Reindeer Pillow
Buffalo check Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking

I can’t wait to start holiday shopping! I am one of those annoying people who loves to hit every sale and bake hundreds of Christmas cookies to give out to family and friends!

And yes, I match all my wrapping paper to my holiday décor. It’s just so pretty and if I am going to be doing it anyway, I might as well coordinate the presents with the tree right?

So try some Buffalo Checks in your theme this season and cash in on all the newest products using this stylish new trend!


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